Did you know that in this modern time we rush around, eating on the go, working under stress and basically leading unhealthy lifestyles due to our so called new found freedoms.

What does this mean for the body?

Well the body needs different activities to keep it healthy.

Lets look at the activities that will keep us active and healthy. This is by no means a full list but some of the things you can do to help keep fit and your body functioning correctly.

Running. Just a small jog around the park helps the cardiovascular system to function better by pushing the blood through the vessels and increasing the blood flow.

Instead of taking the escalator to the next floor, why not use the stairs. Stairs are a great way to exercise and keep fit.

Walking: and a good pace, if you don’t have to go far to get home from work, why not walk, walking is said to be better for you than running as it gives less stress on the joints of your body and if the walk is brisk the blood gets pumping and helps with keeping fit. Walk instead of catching buses for short journeys.

Join a Gym and go 2 or 3 times a week. It doesn’t have to be a heavy workout, just use the bicycles or walking/running machines, take it slow and work up over a period of time. Most Gyms have an instructor that will give you a plan to work with.

Ride a bike to work. I do this my self and I live in Bangkok Thailand. I love riding my bike even though sometimes hearing the car coming up behind me can be nerve racking at times. Will post pictures of me cycling in Bangkok and maybe some videos of the traffic while I’m riding. Going to work is great mostly because the traffic is slow, traffic jams are constant here. Always wear a helmet. I can thank some guardian angel for still being alive having come of my bike back in the 70’s when a taxi in Sydney Australia hit me from behind at over 50 miles an hour. All I remember was flying through the air in a sitting position and landing with my feet first and rolling. I got up without any major injury and just a few bruises and cuts. I watched in my mind the whole thing in slow motion.

Swimming, one of the best exercises you can do. I love swimming and do it as much as possible but not enough. Lunch times are a good time to swim, I remember when I was a purchasing officer in Sydney Australia again in the late 70’s, I used to swim every lunch time when I wasn’t going to do some demonstration for Greenpeace. I worked my way up from being a very poor swimmer to being able to swim a mile and then did it constantly.

Yoga. One of my favorite exercises. I lived with an Indian yoga instructor and his wife back in the 70’s by the way the 70’s were my golden years LOL. I would go to his studio 3 times a week and we would do it at home a couple of times a week. I don’t do it now but I think its time to start again as my body is aging and not getting younger. The postures in yoga are fantastic and even though its not like running etc, it is amazing how much fitter one becomes by doing the postures over and over again.

Brilliant Yoga


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Tai Chi. Another great exercise from China, the Chinese and Indian seem to have worked it all out 1000’s of years ago on how to improve ones health and keep fit. Tai Chi the flowing movement and power of the breath is amazing. Take a course and see how your health improves.

So these are some suggestions for exercise on a daily or at lease a couple of times a week. Its easy to make excuses not to do, but when it comes down to it. Doing some will add to your health and well being and also promote a healthy colon.

 7 Common Causes Of Constipation

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The Colon:

The food we eat these days is so tainted with sugar and salt that we are killing our own bodies. All the food in cans and processed foods and meats are of such poor quality that there nutritional value is zero and they are the cause of cancer, obesity and diabetes to name a few problems. And if you think eating those weight watchers diet meals are better, I have some really bad news for you. They are very high in sodium, and other products and the sugar substitutes are far worse then sugar will every be read this article to understand more. The dangers of artificial sweeteners  from: http://www.mercola.com/

What are the most important things needed to have your bowels moving well?

Water and lots of it every day. Don’t drink tap water unless you have a filter on it. The fluoride put into the water is extremely dangerous to your health.  The dangers of fluoridation from: http://www.mercola.com

Fiber and Why you need it:

Despite fiber being associated with going to the bathroom, its not a joking mater and the true benefits of a healthy functioning bowel are reliant on fiber. High fiber diets help in the reduction of risks of having a stroke, or heart disease and hypertension. Trouble is that with our fast food lifestyle fiber has almost vanished from our lives. One statistic I have heard but can’t confirm is that in the USA less than 3% of Americans are meeting the recommended dose of fiber.

Fiber isn’t actually digested, but travels through the gut and digestive system in the same state. There are 2 types of fiber soluble and insoluble and plant food mostly contain both. The soluble fiber turns to a gel substance in the stomach and is instrumental in slowing the digestion that lowers the blood sugar and  cholesterol while insoluble fiber remains in an unchanged form through the colon helping to make the waste heavy and softer so that it moves through the colon easily. Neither type is absorbed by the body.



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