I find it evil that we humans have to continually kill each other over a piece of land that doesn’t even belong to us. War is the ultimate stupid action of primitive people with no brain function and a brain the size of a pea.

In the 70’s I was part of Green Peace fighting in Australia against nuclear bombs and war ships from the USA coming to port there. We were told we were bad people but how could we be bad, considering, our own goal was and is to bring peace to all humans, animals and other beings that reside on our beautiful if not polluted planet.

The president of the USA Donald (duck) Trump is itching for a war. Why, because war makes a lot of money. After killing 1/2 of the population rebuilding has to be done.and who do you think will claim the rights to doing it. American companies whose only goal is to rip people off while using them to make there products, in this case are incredibly destructive. Bombs, guns, missiles and nuclear bombs.

Save the world from idiots like Donald (duck) Trump. It seems to me he is a ticking time bomb. He abuses people in public, he doesn’t come over as someone that cares about anyone else other than himself.

What we need in this world are leaders with compassion, love and a sense of wonder and vision to lead, not a broken down old man who keeps running businesses into the ground and then leaving.

Protect your self because if the shit hits the fan you might find that the fall out from any nuclear explosion will fall on the USA as well as effecting the country that it falls on. After many years of allowing dictators to rule North Korea, the USA feels challenged because of their ability to make missiles and launch them. Why hasn’t any country gone in and freed the population from starvation, abuse and hatred that they have suffered for so long. America claims it is the policeman of the world, but neglected to do anything to help these people. What joke. The rest of the world is guilty as well. I would be best to target the top leaders of this country via satellites and other technology and take them out. China and Russia should be part of this action as its in their best interest to rid of this risk to world as a whole.

I do not condone violence, but sometimes even a Buddha has to see that taking at a few to save the many is a pure action.

Look out for my next rant.

Robert Leisk

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