10 Easy Strategies To Become a Prepper


There is no way to know how many preppers there are in the world. I know the USA is seen as the biggest Prepper country, but I’m sure there a lots in other places such as Australia, Europe and Canada. I myself live in Thailand and am in the process of preparing myself for what may be coming. I watch the news from time to time and it scares me the way the US and Russia seem to square off at each other. Taking this into account makes me want to be prepared. So it is hard to know how many preppers there are out there. If you said there was 1% of the population prepared for the disasters, that leave 99% unprepared and scared.

Most people will rely on their government to help them, but if it’s a mass disaster worldwide and infrastructure is all but destroyed, you won’t be able to rely on them and even if it’s a mass problem due to nature. How much help can we expect from the government, if they are over stretched and under manned? I will take my hat off to the Thai army in 2011 when we had the 5 week flood here in Nonthaburi Thailand. The put on a great show of support, supplied food and water to everyone and were there for emergencies.

So now I have covered why we should be prepared, the next question is what do we do to be prepared?

The 4 Types of Preppers

From what I see, the reader mix on prepper websites can be categorized into 4 goups.

The Wannabe Prepper: That person wants to know and learn about becoming a prepper but doesn’t know where to start. He/She may not have or feels they do not have enough money to become a prepper.

The second category is the Newbie Prepper. They have already started to prepare, but are overwhelmed with advice and need help in sorting out the priorities, finding support and positive reinforcement to show they are on the right path. Educations is so important and this is often what the newbie is lacking.

The third category is the Dedicated Prepper, this is someone that is already well versed in the preppers skills, have supplies, knowledge, but are seeking to fine tune their abilities with advanced strategies of survival off grid living, healthcare and handling civil unrest. They happily share their own experiences with other preppers and give tips to help other preppers learn and develop their own prepper skills.

The fourth category is the Seasoned Prepper. This prepper is already planning for a major upheaval and spends a vast amount of his time and resources to make sure that he and his family will survive. The Seasoned prepper will have a well-stocked secure bug out retreat where he can live. They will be highly secretive and unwilling to expose their bug retreat. Becoming a Seasoned Prepper has been hampered by the glamorization in the media and this has caused discouragement and disillusionment for those unable to afford or create their own alternative lifestyle.

By categorizing in this way does not imply that there is something wrong with any stage but rather, it’s a right we have to be free to prepare for any oncoming incident that could lead to us needing to support ourselves. There will never be a one solution fits all for this or be any other situation.

So that covers the basics of the types of Preppers that can be found. I can’t say this is a definitive list as there are most likely others at different levels that have not been covered. This just makes it easy to start discussing how you can become a Prepper and the 10 Easy Strategies to become a successful Prepper.


The 10 Easy Strategies To Become a Prepper

  1. Research for yourself.

No two people’s situations are the same. You live in different locations with differing needs and financial conditions to be met. To be successful as a prepper, you need to plan for things that are right for you, not Joe Blow down the road. Doing due diligence and coming to the right decisions are for and only you to make.

  1. Emergency contact list

Be prepared; make sure you have a contact list of emergency numbers, doctors, hospitals, police and fire brigade as well as family members and friends. Make sure you have mobile numbers, home phone numbers and email addresses. There is a good chance that most of them will be down, but one may work and that gives you a contact point. It is also good if you can have a ham radio for such situations. In these situations, often the first thing that happens is hysteria, this doesn’t help and cool calm and collective head will save your life.

  1. Water, Water, Water, Stockpile as much water as you can and purify the rest

It is so important to have a good storage of water, look for places where you can hide it away from sight. Best is purchase plastic bottles of water and stash them. It is also good to find sources of water that you can purify and then use as drinking water.

  1. Purchase beans and rice and learn how to cook them

Stock up with beans, rice and other grains. Beans are full of nutrition and rice is full of calories. Legumes such as lentils, soya beans, kidney beans are all very good sources of nutrition. Learn how to cook off the grid. You can make solar ovens or on an open fire. It is important to have food to eat and these are easy to store and will keep your belly full.

  1. Keeping optimal physical fitness or working towards it.

It is important to stay in shape but not to be skinny as a rake. It’s crucial you have stamina and strength to perform manual labour for long periods of time. Farming, hunting and scavenging for food all are physically hard and takes lots of energy. Keeping fit by lifting weights, riding a bike or power walking, hiking can keep you in shape and help to keep the body fat down, but it’s so important to build up endurance and physical tolerance.

  1. Create a group of likeminded survivalists

It doesn’t matter your family situation or where you live, become a family of survivalist. Being a group of even 2 or 3 can help you through the most difficult of situations. This family of survivalist will become a sounding board for decisions that you will need to make and they will be able to watch your back when difficulties arise and visa a versa.

  1. Create a Library On How to Survive

 It isn’t easy for anyone to remember every detail on survival, even the most practice survivalist with lots of skills will come up against situations where they can’t remember what to do or how to react. By building a Survival library, you will be able to read and research for answers that you can’t come up with. If you are smart and have a solar energy supply, then keeping on an electronic device is good, otherwise in ring binder folders.

  1. Creating and having a basic bug out bag

Let’s hope we never have to bug out, but if you do, then you have to be ready and it’s paramount that you have all the relevant items to keep you and your family safe when you bug out. What do we mean by bugging out? Well bugging out can mean heading to another survivalists place because yours isn’t safe and theirs is. It doesn’t have to mean heading out into the jungle and you could be bugging out because of inclement weather or flooding. Whatever the reason, make sure you are ready.

And one last tip, make sure that your bug out bag is light and have one for each member of your family to carry. The more you have the better, but you must be able to carry without stress.

  1. Creating and Practicing your evacuation plan

#9 is related to #8.If the environment you live in becomes unsafe to live in for any reason, make sure you have a plan for leaving. Scout and map out the evacuation route before going, make sure you have at least 2 or 3 alternative exits from your house and the same to find your way out of your neighborhood. Make sure at least one avoids major roads and freeways as these will be congested. On compiling your evacuation plan, make sure you practice each route at least once a year, if not more. Keep an eye out when driving for major road works etc.

  1. Make Sure you Learn basics first aid and survival medicine

One of the most important items is your first aid kit; this should include trauma supplies as well as (make an Amazon link) protection gear to protect against getting sick. Make sure you get prescription medicine and antibiotics, essential oils and herbal remedies and have a medical survival book on hand for reference.

The Final Warning

All strategies explained here in brief, but to really understand and put into practice, I suggest you research and plan hard. Reading this isn’t enough, you need to put this into practice and go step by step. So what to do next?

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